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“I have lost 20 lbs and am still loosing weight (235-215) and no longer take medication on the daily for heartburn. I went to the doctor yesterday and she asked what I had changed because all my numbers were outstanding and was closer to a healthy weight (less fat.) The warm up exercises in the beginning are rough, but accommodations are made for those who can’t do the full thing. The instruction and motivation given from Coach Cliff and the other instructors is top notch.”

~ Andrew B.

“A second home! Moving from the Bay Area to Lathrop was a big transition. The full circle team welcomed me and my family with open arms. Everyone in the gym is super respectful and has a genuine love for the martial arts. Coach Cliff’s knowledge of Muay Thai is nothing less than amazing. Coming from a kickboxing background I was very unfamiliar with the clinch, but with proper coaching and a good team to spar with, I have been making massive improvements in a short amount of time.”

~ Christian M.

“We moved from the bay area where my son used to do jujitsu. We checked out a free class and he made the transition to muy thai after meeting Cliff. Cliff and the other muy thai instructors are amazing! They have been so patient with Isaiah. He looks forward to the days he has class and they even offered him to participate in his first competition.”

~ Vanessa G.

“I started my son at Cortez Martial Arts almost 6 months ago and I am glad I did. My son had developed very bad habits at another dojo and Sensi Larry and Sensi Jason has worked closely with my son to break the bad habits and instill good habits and more importantly good form and technique. Their dojo is always clean and students respectful and staff very friendly and knowledgeable. My son loves Cortez Martial Arts and since he has been attending he has gained more confidence and continues to want to be a better martial artists. Thank you Jason Lillie and Larry.”

~ Taylor K.

“I absolutely love training here. I started training jiu jitsu 2 years ago. When I started I had just recovered from surgery and had gained a lot of weight. I’m now down 40lbs and in the best shape of my life!”

~ Jeff D.

“Sensei Jason is an absolutely amazing instructor, incorporating several styles into his BJJ training.  Throughout my time at the dojo, Sensei Jason took the time with each student to coach, mentor and improve their discipline. Students have access to online training videos through the academy’s online platform and during the Covid-19 shutdown zoom classes were available to help keep the students active and engaged.  I valued my time at the dojo with Sensei Jason and the other students, it is a very welcoming environment.  If I still lived in Lathrop I would definitely still be a student under Jason. OSS”

~ Doug M.